About Combo Aluminum Products

COMBO ALUMINUM PRODUCTS was founded in El Cajon, California in the year 1959 by Mr. Wally Miller as the “W.W. Miller Company”. Mr. Miller learned from his customers that transporting doors, jambs, thresholds, and weather strip products to a job site for assembly was not the most efficient method. As a result Mr. Miller created what is now known as the “Combo Sill”. This would enable the assembly of the door components to be done in the shop. This marked the beginning of a new era in the door business, allowing for greater efficiency and the lowering of overall costs.

In 1970 the company was purchased by John Hartman. Under the new ownership, Mr. Hartman changed the name to “Combo Aluminum Products”. Combo enjoyed tremendous growth with many changes over the thirty one years under Mr. Hartman’s ownership bringing Combo to an entirely new level.

In 2001 Combo Aluminum Products changed hands once more and is now under new ownership. As Mr. Hartman was some thirty years ago, I too am optimistic as to what the future will hold. I realize that the importance of excellent customer service and the high quality of our product will in fact be the determining factor which will propel us into the future. I thank you for your valued patronage and look forward to many successful years in the future.


Bill Cornthwaite
President / CEO